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Help! Why aren't my SetKeeper emails going through?
Help! Why aren't my SetKeeper emails going through?

Error messages, delivered to the spam folder, mysterious missing messages - all you email questions, answered!

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If you're having trouble with your emails, chances are the source of the problem - and their solutions! - are listed below.


Emails Delivered to Spam or Junk Folder

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Rewrite the subject of your email so it only contains alphanumeric characters (abc123) and avoids special characters. The characters & or + especially tend to get flagged

  2. Change the sending type from Attachment to Personal Link. Attachments are more likely to be flagged by spam filters, but the Personal Link option will ensure your crew members still get their documents and download them to their desktop.

  3. Ask your crew members to set a filter in their email to send emails containing "SetKeeper" to a specific inbox or folder so they won't miss your messages.

If none of these steps help, you can email

Email Address Not Created at Time of First Message

This is an uncommon reason for email errors, but this may happen in the early days of pre-production as people are joining the team and setting up their production-specific emails. If an email is sent from SetKeeper to an email address that has not been created yet, SetKeeper will not be able to deliver the message even after the email is created. You can email for more information and assistance.

Error Message in Analytics

If you get an error message on the analytics page about an email address, you can follow these steps:

  1. First and foremost, double check the spelling of the address. Check for a space after the .com or .net.

  2. Try to send the crew member an email without any attachments and just to their address to see if it will go through. If it does go through, try to resend the email with an attachment as a personal link.

  3. "Spam reporting address" error: Often times messages can't be delivered because at one point, either intentionally or accidentally, the crew member marked SetKeeper emails as spam. Please see this article on how to correct this issue.

Background: Why Does This Happen at All?

No one likes spam emails, so email providers have a vested interest in reducing the amount of undesirable junk emails that land in your inbox. However, each email provider - Google, Microsoft (including Hotmail and Outlook), Yahoo, Apple (icloud and others), and private company emails - all have their own definition of what constitutes spam. There is no industry-wide definition or set of protocols. This is partly due to a lack of regulation and partly due to business competition - you want to be seen as being tough on spam, so you adjust your protocols regularly.

With a service like SetKeeper, since the email goes to a large number of recipients at a time, they are more likely to be flagged. All email providers have some kind of filter that is activated when it receives messages like this, because spammers tend to send large mass emails to reach the largest possible number of inboxes. So while it's great that it keeps spam out, it is irritating because it also might keep out SetKeeper emails.

This would also explain why crew members sometimes receive the messages and sometimes they don't - the filters are very sensitive and sometimes a message with an attachment goes through just fine, and sometimes it gets flagged because there was a "&" in the subject line. It's also much more likely to land in your inbox if the production office sends the message to just one person - 1:1 communication is less suspicious to spam filters than 1:100 communication.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us using the orange chat bubble or email us at We've solved many of the strangest email delivery issues and we can help you with yours, too!

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